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White Buffalo Event Center Oklahoma City
Our story is simple... 

After the struggle of isolation in recent years, we are bringing back the tradition of reuniting family and friends.
Inspired by the legend of the White Buffalo, which is considered rare and sacred, our space is meant to symbolize hope, new beginnings, and a life in harmony.
Our vision is to re-energize the feeling of togetherness in a comfortable environment by creating an inviting space that comes to life effortlessly.
Centrally located in the heart of Oklahoma City, The White Buffalo offers trouble free access from all major interchanges.   Warmth and comfort of the space make it the ideal place to gather.
The White Buffalo Event Center offers over 2200 sf of limitless visions for your event.  With neutral walls and clean lines, our space is limited only to your imagination.  

Bridal Suite
Beautiful sideboard and player grand piano
Tables, Chairs and Tablecloths
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